RCMP in Williams Lake

Williams Lake RCMP police an area that has both rural and urban areas and that includes seven First Nations communities.



About Williams Lake RCMP

We police both rural and urban areas, including seven First Nations communities.


The latest RCMP news from Williams Lake.

Policing Services

Police services that we provide to the communities we police.

Community Policing/Volunteers

We have several volunteer oppotunities available in the community.

Contact Us

Williams Lake RCMP provide 24 hour Police Service.

Safety Tips

Suggestions and resources on how you can stay safe at home and in the community.

RCMP truck

Delivering on our commitments

Learn how the BC RCMP delivers on BC's Provincial Priorities

Word of thank you

If you have had a good experience with the RCMP, we encourage you to email us about it.

Your BC RCMP and photos of Member in canoe, recuing duck and standing with Canadian flag

This is your BC RCMP

Stories of the BC RCMP on the job in your community.

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